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50 Neem Seeds AZADIRACHTA indica

50 Neem Seeds AZADIRACHTA indica
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50 Neem Seeds AZADIRACHTA indica



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Purified extracts from the seeds are known to deter the feeding of insects and there are many documented uses for the tree. Commercial Neem oil insecticides are now being marketed in some regions. It is an attractive tree with lacy Grevillea-like leaflets. May be grown indoors with warmth and bright light. The seeds are very short lived and are shipped fresh upon harvest.

Growing Instructions & Tips: Plant immediately. Use well draining type of soil mixture. Plant at 3/4" depth. Provide bright light and warmth. Water when the soil is dry to 1/2" depth. Do not keep wet or you will rot the seed embryo.

Pack Contains 50 Seeds Available In Bulk Also Contact Us For More Details